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01 Jan - 05 Mar 23:59
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05 Mar - 10 Mar 23:00
Event dates 12 Mar - 13 Mar

Judo: IpponCup 2022

IpponCup 2022: Competition and Training camp

If we have to cancel due to COVID, we will refund the registration minus the transaction fee

Dear Judofriends

Ippon Judoklubb invites you to a judo weekend March12-13th 2022.
Saturday march 12th: Competition for U9, U11, U13, U15, U18, U21,Senior and Para (Para = Participants with disabilities).
Sunday march 13th: Training camp for U13 and older.

IpponCup is a part of the Norwegian Cup (NC) hosted by the Norwegian Judo Federation. NC points are awarded in the category U18, U21 and Senior.

The Children competition (U9-U13) is a part of the "JubaPool" circuit. For norwegian athletes competing in JubaPool, there are limitation according to "Barneidrettsbestemmelsene" - Read rules and regulations here (

Nadderudhallen, Haukeveien 12, 1357 Bekkestua

U13 can double to U15 (compete in both categories)
U15 can double to U18 from the age of 14. Minimum 3.KYU.
U18 can double in U21 (Girls U18 to Senior)
U21 can double in Senior

U9-U13: 250 NOK
U15-Senior: 350 NOK
Double entry: 200 NOK discount per athlete.
Girls U18 can double to Senior for FREE.
Training camp: 250 NOK including lunch.
Social banquet (pizza) and swimming pool: 150 NOK
Please note! There will be increased prices for late entries.

A minimum of YELLOW belt is required for all categories.

U9-U15: White judogi only
U18: Blue and white judogi is not compulsory but is much appreciated by organizers.
U21 and Sen: Blue and white judogi is compulsory.

1. Nordic Choice Hotels
Use this link for online booking: Nordic Choice - NJF discount
Or: and code: 65484
2. CITYBOX-Oslo: Double room from 675 NOK / Family 1299 NOK
Online booking: CityBox
3. Ippon dojo (Nadderudhallen)
Possible to sleep in Ippon dojo. NOK 200,- from friday to sunday. Max 30 persons. Young people under the age of 16 must have a responsible adult.

All transportation is at your own expense.



  • Boys U9 to U13 250 NOK
  • Girls U9 to U13 250 NOK
  • Para U9 to U13 250 NOK
    Participants with disabilities
  • Para U15 to Sen 250 NOK
    Participants with disabilities
  • U15 (Pre-cadet) Boys 350 NOK
  • U15 (Pre-cadet) Girls 350 NOK
  • U18 (Cadet) Boys 350 NOK
  • U18 (Cadet) Girls 350 NOK
  • U21 (Junior) Men 350 NOK
  • Senior Men 350 NOK
  • Senior Women 350 NOK

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